Our Crisis & Our Solution

American democracy has been in crisis for years. Rich, powerful forces have systematically seized the power of regular voters over elected officials. The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked even modest reforms and made things worse with disastrous rulings like the 2010 Citizens United decision. The sole option left to save our democracy is for citizens to use the ultimate Do-It-Yourself tool created by the Founding Fathers:

Amending the U.S. Constitution.

Why must we Free the Vote  with a 28th Amendment?

Our nonpartisan Election Reform Constitutional Amendment would do this by banning most campaign donations from corporations, special interests, dark-money sources and super-rich individuals. It would overturn the Citizens United ruling, repeal corporate personhood, end gerrymandering and – most importantly – eliminate about 80% of all campaign donations by letting federal candidates accept donations ONLY from individuals eligible to vote in their district (U.S. House races) or state (Senate races). This will help restore our democratic ideals and allow more candidates to run who are more interested in public service than campaign fundraising.