The Election Reform Amendment

True reform must restore voters to their central role in our democracy and make elected officials solely indebted to their constituents back home – not to rich outside donors. Plus, to pass Congress by two-thirds votes, any proposed amendment must contain no partisan poison pills that benefit one party over another. These key concepts are embedded in the following proposed Election Reform Constitutional Amendment:

Key Elements


  1. Candidates for federal office may only accept monetary and in-kind donations from individuals eligible to vote for them. This means candidates for the U.S. House can accept donations only from voters within their districts, and Senate candidates within their state. 

  2. Overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling by declaring:

    • Corporations are not people, in any respect or context.

    • Political donations are not free speech and can be regulated.

    • An end to influence from corporations and “dark money” by prohibiting major broadcast, cable, print, digital and social media outlets from allowing political ads on their platforms from any corporation; non-profit or other entity without a transparent, easily accessible donor list; entity with foreign ties; or source whose true identify cannot be verified.

    • A ban on candidate-specific or -related outside advertisements within 30 days of the start of balloting, unless related to a ballot initiative. (“Outside” is defined as any person or entity not the campaign of a registered candidate in that race.)

  3. No primary can be scheduled more than six months before the general election.

  4. No major broadcast, cable, print, digital or social media outlets may run/host advertisements related to Supreme Court nominations.

  5. Creation of Congressional district boundaries must resemble, as much as possible, simple rectangles and represent local ethnic diversity. District boundaries should be straight and feature no more than 10 corners. (See below.) A curved boundary may substitute if formed by a natural coastline, river, lake or established state line. 

​Anti-Gerrymandering Rule: What do 10 corners look like?​

10-corner shapes.jpg