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Husband-and-wife team Jeff and Leah Burdick created FREE THE VOTE in 2019 when it became clear no solution was coming from Washington, D.C. They love that the Founding Fathers (not to be confused with funding fathers) gave citizens the greatest do-it-yourself tool ever to make change. That is by Constitutional Amendment. It won’t be easy, but it also won’t be impossible.


“Our biggest hurdle is overcoming our learned inertia, that no one can change Washington and our elections,” says Leah Burdick. “That mindset only helps the big donors, who want average citizens to stay inert on the sidelines. But we can totally do this. We’ve got this. And we better because if we don’t, we will need to hand history books to our children and grandchildren to show them what a free, fair representative democracy once looked like.”

Get involved today at your local level by challenging your local candidates to take The Oath. If you wish to get more involved or have a question, please send us a note below. 

Jeff Burdick

Raised in Chicago, proudly lives in Sacramento. Husband, Dad, former journalist, public affairs expert, Chicago Cubs fan, candidate for U.S. Congress, California's 7th Congressional District

Leah Burdick
Executive Director

Raised in Buffalo, NY, proudly resides in Sacramento. Wife, Mom, friend, MBA, marketer, lover of comedy and meditation. 

Got a question? Want to help? We want to hear from you. 

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