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Step 1: Voice Your Passion for Change

Congress is too beholden to big donors and the “Political Industrial Complex,” and the Supreme Court issues rulings like Citizens United that make things only worse. This means only we citizens can free our vote. It starts by making ourselves heard.

So call and write your  representatives. Submit letters and OpEds to local newspapers. Press politicians at town halls to support the nonpartisan Election Reform Constitutional Amendment. Share on social media. And oppose candidates addicted to rich outside donors who dilute our voices.

Recent OpEd Example from Free The Vote:

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How to Take ACTION Today!

Polls show 88% of voters support reforming our corrupted campaign finance system and other aspects of our elections. That’s overwhelming support regardless of party affiliation. And the more active and vocal that support is, the better. Need help expressing your passion? Click here for some templated messages to adapt for use by phone, letter, social media posting and at town halls.

Volunteer for Your State Level Efforts!

Free The Vote needs passionate volunteers to lead state-level efforts and manage Free The Vote State websites. We will provide the starting templates, a network of passionate citizen-activists to share ideas, and best practices. This is a nonpartisan all-citizens effort. So there are no hidden endowments or “angel investors” behind the scenes. Just a passionate collective effort fueled by democratic rightness.

To volunteer in any capacity, click here. If you have any questions or successes to share, let us know at info(at)