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Share this oath with your candidates. To get credit on this site, they can create a video of themselves taking the oath or (for the camera shy) write out the oath on their site and include their signature underneath.

Be sure to promote it on social with #FreeTheVote or #ITookTheOath. Let us know about it, and we'll list it on the site. 

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The Good Campaign Oath*

"As a candidate for public service, I do solemnly swear to support and defend America’s great heritage of free, fair elections. This includes my pledge to never engage in illegal, distorting or unethical campaign practices; to quickly report any unlawful or suspect conduct within my campaign or by outsiders – foreign or domestic; to ensure a harassment-free workplace for my staff and volunteers; and to support laws that protect and strengthen our democracy. So help me God."

*The Good Campaign Oath format is based on the format of other common government oaths.